Praying All the Time

“Whatever we cherish, whatever we hate, and whatever we fear are our gods, and we pray to them all the time.”—Thomas Hora Recently one of my leadership students, a pharmaceutical sales representative, asked for advice about an all-day sales meeting she would be leading. As I listened, she justified her expectation that this meeting wasContinue Reading

Ignorance and Honesty

Every day I face my ignorance. At some point almost every day after feeling a negative emotion, I falsely attribute my feelings and thinking to external circumstances. Honesty demands that I look at my false accusations and make another choice. If I am honest, my suffering is limited; if I am dishonest and believe myContinue Reading

Eternity in a Moment

In the delightful metaphysical romantic-comedy About Time, Domhnall Gleeson plays Tim, a young man who comes from a family whose male members have the ability to time travel. Initially, Tim uses time travel to alter events. Later in the movie Tim’s father, played by Bill Nighy, advises Tim to simply use time travel to reliveContinue Reading

Waiting For When

Comedic genius Harold Ramis passed on Monday. Ramis was involved as a writer, actor, or director in some of the most famous comedies ever made including Ghostbusters, Animal House, and Groundhog Day. While all of Ramis’ movies entertain, one, which he co-wrote and directed, Groundhog Day, stands out for me as great art; not onlyContinue Reading

Beneath Irritation is Fear

Last weekend I experienced a stream of irritating thoughts. It was Sunday and my wife and I were getting ready to go Nordic skiing. First, I was irritated at my wife because I couldn’t find my base-layer, poly shirt. I could have experienced gratitude that she takes care of the laundry. Decades ago, as aContinue Reading

Socialists and Crony Capitalists: What They Gain, Humanity Loses

This is a guest blog post, written by Larysa Konstantynova, one of my MBA students. Larysa was born in March, 1986, in the Ukraine just one month before the accident at Chernobyl. As you read Larysa’s narrative about Chernobyl, please remember that commercial nuclear power is a complete creation of government. Without the protection ofContinue Reading

Three Important Lessons from Bridgegate

The pundits have been busy with their analysis of the Chris Christie bridge scandal. Their analysis is as disheartening as the scandal itself. Instead of asking real questions about how such an event could have occurred and what it means for this country, they are more concerned about how the scandal impacts Christie’s chances toContinue Reading

Are We Here to Get What We Want?

“Make this year different, by making it all the same,” advises A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles points us to the truth that, despite outward appearances, for everyone every moment of every day is essentially the same. Although we each experience different problems we have the same choice to make. Moment by momentContinue Reading

An Inability to Listen

Recently, famed Wharton professor Adam Grant wrote a blog post provocatively titled “Does Studying Economics Breed Greed?” Grant believes, citing research by Robert Frank, that the profession of economics squashes “cooperation and generosity” because economics teaches the value of self-interest. No doubt, Grant’s belief is popular and shared by many others. What if that belief,Continue Reading

Our Gratitude to Others

An apocryphal story tells of a man seeking enlightenment. He goes to the Himalayas and there he meditates for almost five years. When he believes he has emptied his mind of his ego, he returns to civilization. The very first time he drives a car again, he finds himself in heavy traffic. When a driverContinue Reading