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Introducing America’s Highest Purpose

This week I launched a new blog: America’s Highest Purpose: Liberty and Love Will Show the Way. I hope you can join me on this journey.

Almost everyone I know is concerned about the state of the world and wants to do their part in making the world a better place. Many see more Love as the necessary ingredient to our problems, while others see more Liberty as the change agent. In my view, Liberty without Love or Love without Liberty is not enough and my new blog will explore economic and social issues through this lens.

My inaugural post explores the rise of Trump and Sanders and asks: Are We Entitled to Our Bitterness?

I will continue to blog at Giving up Control; new posts will appear at this site soon.

Freedom Requires an Internal Revolution

If asked, most Americans have no trouble giving you a laundry list of explanations for why freedom is eroding in America. Some would blame the actions of President Obama. Others would blame the actions of President Bush. Many would blame a subservient Congress. Many others might blame terrorists— arguing that presidents and Congress are justContinue Reading

Understanding Sets Us Free

A recent skit on John Stewart’s Daily Show made fun of college students for the amount of debt they are piling up while majoring in subjects for which there is little demand. In the skit a recent graduate with $170,000 in debt tells a group of high school students, “I graduated with a degree inContinue Reading

Freedom Begins Within

In a recent essay “The Hope of Freedom in the American Character” Wendy McElroy writes: There is no need to live in darkness. Freedom is not an external flame or circumstance that is beyond individual control; it is internal and the natural state of man. Many people realize that government does not create wealth butContinue Reading

Freedom From “ME”

Last Friday, the Mid-Atlantic and the Midwest regions of the country experienced severe heat, severe thunderstorms, and high winds. The storms knocked out power to millions of people from Maryland to Illinois. The hardships continue this week as millions remain without power. When the storms first struck, while millions were dealing with oppressive heat andContinue Reading

Safeguarding Our Freedom

It is easy to become alarmed by the growing number of intrusions on our freedom; it is harder to understand where solutions lie. Many of us believe that the solution is a political one—find and then elect a politician who promises to strengthen the freedoms we value. As we do so, we often miss theContinue Reading