Four Years of Giving Up Control

As I begin to post at my new blog site, I thought it would be interesting to look back at over 4 years of posts at Giving up Control at WordPress.

There were over 200,000 visitors for my over 250 posts. I’m grateful for the over 1500 thoughtful comments that readers made at the blog. After a few months away from blogging, I’m looking forward to the renewed dialogue at this site.

These were the top 20 posts in terms of readership at the old blog. If you’re wondering why a post about Shakespeare and leadership is ranked number one, the post has made its way into numerous college reading lists. The post on Kazakhstan was featured on the front page of WordPress for over 6 months and George Ure at Urban Survival demonstrated to me the huge readership he has when he kindly linked to my post on veggie hot dogs.

  1. A Leadership Lesson from King Henry V
  2. Kazakhstan’s “Glorious” Neighbor Kyrgyzstan
  3. Health Alert: Potentially Harmful Vegetarian Hot Dogs and Power Bars
  4. Why “The Secret” Doesn’t Work and Why You Should be Glad it Doesn’t
  5. After the Ban on Children’s Cold Medicine: What You Can Do
  6. More Fallout from the Chinese Food Scandals: Heavy Metals in Our Food?
  7. Delivering a Memorable Presentation: First, Forget About Yourself
  8. Jim Cramer’s Rant Against the Well-Being of Americans
  9. Ron Paul and America’s Founding Principles
  10. Davy Crockett Advises the Candidates: “Not Yours to Give”
  11. Renée Fleming on the Inner Voice
  12. The Nightmare of Hyperinflation: Tales From Zimbabwe
  13. Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity
  14. The Fault is Not in Our Stars
  15. The Last Day of Peter Shintani
  16. Government Subsidized Obesity
  17. What You Need to Know About TSA Airport Screening
  18. Bob Nardelli Wants To Sell You a Chrysler: Just Walk on By
  19.  The Untold Story Behind Rising Medical Costs
  20. When Bad Milk Drives Out Good Milk

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